People Skills Tests

Screen individuals who will work in a leadership capacity, a team environment, or a sales role

What level job you are testing for?

To assess basic skills related to customer service, such as reading comprehension, checking accuracy, and problem solving, consider:

Combined Basic Skills (Customer Service)

To assess personal characteristics important for customer service, such as responsibility, sociability, emotional stability, and personability, consider:

Service Skills Survey

To assess the dependability of job candidates, measuring characteristics such as attendance, conscientiousness, and rule adherence, consider

Dependability Skills Survey

To assess the situational judgment skills of job candidates in areas such as conflict resolution, group dynamics, and communication skills, consider:

Team Skills

To assess knowledge relating to sales, such as prospecting skills, communication skills, listening skills, persistence, and honesty, consider:

Sales Skills

To assess knowledge required for leadership or management roles, such as planning, motivating, organizing, communicating, and leadership, consider:

Management & Supervisory Skills

Leadership Skills (same test as above using "Leader" instead of "Manager" terminology)