Answers to common questions

Do Ramsay tests need to be proctored?

Yes. All of our tests, whether in paper or online format, need to be proctored. This protects both the security of the test content and the accuracy of your test results.

For paper tests, directions for administration and scoring are provided in your order.

For information about 3rd party proctoring, please click here.

For information about remote proctoring, please click here.

What are the passing scores for Ramsay tests?

Please note that Ramsay Corporation does not offer support for the use of customized cutting scores outside of a formal local validation study for any of our tests.

Unless we perform a job analysis and test validation study for you, we cannot recommend a specific cut score (passing score). A cut score for a given test can vary depending upon the labor market and the job requirements for which the test is being used. Guidance, however, can be found in our technical manuals for each test.

Technical manuals for Ramsay tests include normative data and other test statistics, such as average score, standard deviation, and a reliability coefficient. Also, both these manuals and the score reports for online tests include a cumulative percent and percentile rankings chart. These data can help gauge where a cutting score could be set and an associated expected pass rate.

You can also pilot the test with a group of people who considered qualified for the job. Their results can be helpful when setting cutting scores moving forward.

Have Ramsay tests been validated?

We suggest that you document the validity of any assessment and how it applies to your specific job and workplace. We have completed local content validation studies of numerous Ramsay Corporation tests for clients. When we perform these studies, they conformed to the requirements of the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978). The tests sold by Ramsay Corporation were developed to measure important job-related knowledge and skills while minimizing impact on individual groups.
Some actions taken as part of the original validation studies are:
  1. Making the test format as simple as possible.
  2. Providing generous time limits.
  3. Keeping the test language in job-related, work-oriented terms.
  4. Review by management and employees.
  5. No penalty for guessing.
In addition, several of our tests have been supported by Criterion-Related validation studies. Those tests include:
  • Arithmetic - Form CO
  • Chemtest
  • Combined Basic Skills
  • Electrical Aptitude Test
  • Electest
  • Electrical Maintenance Trainee
  • Inspection & Measurement
  • Maintest
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test
  • Mectest
  • MultiCrafTest
  • MultiCraft Aptitude Test
  • Process Flow
  • Reading - Form A
  • Arithmetic - Form CO
  • WTMA (Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude)

What is the Technical Manual for a test?

The Technical Manual includes a description about the development of the test, reliability data and item analyses for different subsets of test takers, available content- and criterion-related validity data, normative data, and percentile rankings. A manual does NOT contain a copy of the test or answer key. When you purchase online tests, manuals are available to download for no extra charge. You can purchase a paper copy of a Technical Manual for $25.

Some questions on Test XYZ are not relevant for our position. Can we just remove those questions from the test?

While a test’s normative data may no longer be comparable if changes are made, we have previously advised our customers either to cross out, or delete from scoring, those items that are not related to your jobs, settings, process, or equipment. For a custom solution, please visit our HR Consulting page.

Are Ramsay tests copyrighted/Can I just make copies of Ramsay tests?

All Ramsay tests are copyrighted material and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. You are not permitted to print, copy, distribute, or save in digital or hard copy format the tests, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder. Any use in violation of Federal copyright law will subject you to damages and penalties for copyright infringement.

What is an aptitude test?

Aptitude tests measure a person’s ability to learn and understand concepts and principles. They are NOT designed to measure a person’s learned knowledge or skills, but rather the potential for them to be successful in an apprenticeship or production trainee program. These tests utilize diagrams of everyday objects to illustrate mechanical and/or electrical concepts or principles.

What are diagnostic tests?

Diagnostic tests are used to evaluate an existing workforce to determine strengths and weaknesses and develop training programs accordingly.

What are high-stakes tests?

High-stakes tests are used to help make hiring, promotional, training, or other employment-related decisions.

What is percentile rank versus percentage?

Percentage is a fixed figure. If Person A gets 45 out of 60 questions correct on a test, they scored a 75% on that test. In contrast, percentile ranking is a way to compare a given test taker to other test takers. It is not a fixed figure and will vary as the pool of test takers changes. For example, if Person A from above is ranked in the 82nd percentile this week, that person scored as well as or better than 82 percent of people in the pool who have taken the same test up to this point. However, if you check the percentile rank at a future date when more people have taken the test, Person A’s percentile rank may well have changed.

I can’t find the Form name I have been using. Is the test discontinued?

We almost never discontinue tests. We do, however, update tests. When we do that, we often change form names, e.g. Combined Basic Skills Form LCS-RC is now Combined Basic Skills Form A4, or, more commonly, a Form A2 becomes a Form A3. Please note that form names are not unique. What does NOT change is the SKU for a test, which is a unique identifier. The SKU number for a paper test begins with RR while the SKU for an online test begins with either OL or OSC (for a scrambled version). So the SKU for Combined Basic Skills Form A4 is either RR200-A or OL200-A, regardless of how many times we might review and update the test.

What is your return policy?

  1. Unopened packages of test booklets returned within 30 days are eligible for refund or store credit, less cost of shipping and handling and a 10% restocking fee.
  2. Unopened packages of test booklets after 30 days or opened but unused test booklets returned within 6 months are eligible only for store credit to be applied to a future purchase, less cost of shipping and handling and a 10% restocking fee.
  3. Unused online tests are eligible for store credit applicable to a new order; this transaction can be referred to as a "Credit Conversion". All "Credit Conversions" are subject to minimum quantity requirements and cannot result in a negative order amount.
  4. Paper tests returned after six months of purchase are not eligible for refund or credit. There will be no refund or credit for outdated paper tests.
  5. Outdated online tests may be exchanged for the current version of the test at no additional cost to the customer.
  6. Customized paper tests are not returnable unless they contain printing errors.
  7. Refunds will be provided via the same method of payment as the original purchase.

Do you sell test preparation materials or practice tests?

Ramsay Corporation does NOT sell any test preparation or study materials. We recommend checking with the company for which you will be taking the test to see if they are recommending any preparation materials. Or, given the general subject area of the test, you can check at your local public library, a community college library, or a bookstore for textbooks or other preparation materials. Please note that Ramsay Corporation has not sanctioned any online practice tests or preparation materials, so you purchase such materials at your own risk.

Do you offer tests in languages other than English?

While most of our tests are available only in English, we do have a few titles that are available in Spanish or French. The product description for a test will indicate if it is available in a language other than English.

Does Ramsay Corporation accept international accounts?

Yes. However, the only payment option available for international accounts is via credit card, and we would only deliver online tests for orders outside of North America.

What do I do if a test taker needs accommodations?

At the time the examinees are scheduled for testing, they should be asked if they require any accommodations. Those answering affirmatively should fill out a request form and be considered for the requested accommodation. Examples of accommodations are extra time, someone reading the test to the test taker, or the test being administered in a quiet area.
Always check with your legal counsel regarding company policies for accommodations and thoroughly document any actions taken and the reasons for doing so. If a test taker requires extra time for an online test, please contact Ramsay Corporation after the test is assigned but prior to the testing date so that the required change can be made.

Can I retest someone with the same test?

The “Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures” (1978) and the American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, National Council on Measurement in Education (2014) Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing require that employers provide the opportunity for individuals to be retested. Organizations should establish written policies on frequency and conditions for retesting.
Retesting should be done using alternate, equivalent forms of the test whenever possible. For this reason it is desirable when selecting tests to select those for which alternate forms are available. The length of time for retesting is dependent to some degree upon the range and complexity of the test content.