Electrical and Controls Tests

Comprehensive electrical and controls technical tests to gauge the knowledge and skills required for various jobs

What level job you are testing for?

To assess a person’s ability to learn electrical concepts, consider:

Electrical Aptitude

To assess basic skills, such as reading comprehension, arithmetic skills, basic electrical knowledge, etc., consider:

Electrical Learner Series

To assess basic skills, such as reading comprehension, arithmetic skills, troubleshooting and problem solving, etc., consider:

Combined Basic Skills



Reading, Arithmetic, Inspection and Measurement, and Process Monitoring and Problem Solving Skills

Skill Level:



52 items, Multiple-choice

Consider this test for basic electrical job knowledge skills:

Electrical Entry

Consider this test for electrical job knowledge above entry-level:

Electrical Maintenance Trainee

To assess general journey-level electrical job knowledge, consider:


Industrial Electrician

To assess general journey-level electrical troubleshooting skills, consider:

Electrical Troubleshooting

To evaluate your current workforce/diagnose training needs, consider:

Electrical Diagnostic

To assess journey-level controls, electronics, or instrumentation job knowledge on the large level (drives, etc.), consider:

PLC Test



Knowledge of programmable logic controllers

Skill Level:



60 items, Multiple-choice

Controls Technician (more concise assessment than EIT)

Electronics & Instrumentation Technician (more in-depth than Controls Technician)

To assess journey-level electronics job knowledge on the small level (board level), consider:


To assess journey-level robotics controls job knowledge, consider:


Consider these tests for electrical job knowledge above-journey-level:

Maintenance Electrician B (journey to above-journey level)

Maintenance Electrician A (above-journey level)