Ramsay Corporation provides hundreds of up-to-date technical tests of job knowledge for production and maintenance employee selection, as well as basic skills, aptitude, and people skills tests. Use our tests to quickly assess deficiencies and create training plans. Improve your hiring, training, and promotion processes.

Test Validation Services

Ramsay Corporation provides custom test development and validation services using our database of 20,000 questions and 40 years of consulting experience. Let us help you improve your selection procedures by creating a test that fits your job description.


↪ Looking to Assess your Current Employees?

We have a number of comprehensive measures designed to help training programs identify areas of deficiency in the knowledge and skills of employees and applicants. Using information from these measures, you can customize your development plan to each individual to target their needs.



Various Crafts


Ramsay Corporation's MainTest is the quickest and easiest way to identify and target areas for improvement in your workforce.

Maintest Sample Report
Sample MainTest Report

Our flagship product for diagnostic testing is the MainTest. This is a 21-category, 153-item test that provides detailed insight into the knowledge and skills of candidates. You can compare each candidate's scores, by category, with our national pool of data consisting of results from over 13,000 maintenance workers.

The MainTest is available for administration in both paper & pencil format and via our Online Testing System.


↪ Looking to Fill Apprenticeships?

Ramsay Corporation has a number of basic skill and aptitude measures designed to complement an apprenticeship program.
A number of our customers use a combination of off-the-shelf tests to select qualified candidates for their apprenticeships.


Basic Skills

Basic skills are skills such as reading, arithmetic, and basic troubleshooting.



Aptitude tests are assessments designed to measure the ability to learn a concept.


↪ Want a Custom Solution?

Ramsay Corporation uses its comprehensive database of 20,000+ questions in 300+ areas and works with your job experts to create a solution that best fits your situation. Whether it is for pre-hire or individualized training, we can create the best assessments for your specific positions.

Additional information regarding our steps and procedures for creating custom validated tests can be found on our Validation page.

Examples of our recent work include:

Large Utility Company

A large utility company contacted us to facilitate the development of a custom test for their Substation Electricians. Paul R. Kramer, M.A., Consulting Associate, is working with their job experts to create a completely customized test to use as a promotional tool.  

Breakfast Food Company

A newly designed test was the result of our job analysis at a breakfast food company in Georgia. The Senior Maintenance & Reliability Manager facilitated meetings with job experts. For the position of Mechanics C, we delivered a multiple-choice test with 120 items and documentation of performance Assignments that reflects hands-on duties for the trade. […]

Beverage Manufacturing Company

In 1996 Ramsay Corporation developed a test for Maintenance Technician at a beverage manufacturing company. The test was reviewed and revised in 2004 and a PLC test was also established. In 2015 the client asked Dr. Robert E. Lofgren, Human Resources Consultant, to collect validity evidence for the current job of Maintenance Technician and Controls […]

Cosmetics Company

A plant in North Carolina was the test site of our project for Mechanic A at a cosmetics company. We collaborated with job experts to select and validate a mechanical test. During our meeting, we slightly revised the chosen test for consistency with the job requirements.  

Job Knowledge Measures at a Food Manufacturing Plant

At a food manufacturing plant in the South, we made a series of multi-crafted job knowledge measures. Mechanics who passed at the lowest level were given a $5 hourly rate increase. Several of the incumbent employees passed each test in the C, B, A series and were compensated accordingly. Some were never able to pass […]

Training Maintenance Workers

The training manager at a large metal manufacturing company in the Midwest has been using our tests for 4 years. When using our job knowledge test in their competency-based training program, they replaced three workers from the time-based program with 2 workers from the competency-based program. It only stands to reason that a maintenance technician […]

Large Utility Company

Paul Kramer continued his work with a large utility company by preforming validation studies for completely customized tests, structured interviews, and hands-on measures for their Expert Project Controls Analyst, Cable Splicer, Leader Electrical Technician, Lead Electrical Technician-Hydro, and Lead System Operator positions.  

Global Manufacturer of Protective and Specialty Packaging

A global manufacturing of protective and specialty packaging requested that we develop a custom test for their Multi-Skilled Maintenance Electrician personnel. Rob Lofgren led sessions with job experts in South Carolina in order to analyze their needs and help them design a test based on those needs. He then collected validity evidence before finalizing this […]

Engine Manufacturer

Paul Kramer visited an engine manufacturer to collect validity evidence for two of our tests to be used for selecting Electrical Maintenance Technicians and Mechanical Technicians for their North Carolina facility.

Government Defense Contractor

Rob Lofgren continued to work with a government defense contractor to collect validity evidence for in-house mastery tests for several areas of their Aircraft Mechanics. The project included both multiple choice tests and Performance Assignment. The assessments were specifically designed to measure the skills and abilities required for that job.