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Employee Reliability

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The Employee Reliability Inventory® (ERI®) is a measure of reliability, following rules, safety and attendance authored by Dr. Jerry Borofsky.

With a sample of many thousands, and using the 80% rule, the test has no adverse impact on race, gender, or age. It takes about 20 minutes and the computer printout suggests areas to explore in a pre-employment interview.

The test is administered and scored online.

This is the initial setup fee for using the web version of the ERI.
Once set up, you will be charged per test administration.
Each test administration is $16.50.
Costs for administrations are billed monthly after use.


  • 81 easy to understand "True - False" statements worded at the sixth grade reading level.
  • Administered via paper and pencil. Administered tests are scored online.
  • No lengthy instructions.
  • Requires only 12-20 minutes for the candidate to complete, depending on administration method.
  • Training provided free of charge for proper use of this software.


  • Assessment results for each of the seven work behavior skills are presented in an easy to understand format.
  • Norms are provided for a broadly representative sample of over 60,000 job applicants.
  • Approximate percentile scores and descriptive statistics are provided for each behavior.
  • Interpretive report formats elaborate the meaning and significance of the job candidate's results.
  • With the ERI® System's profiling process, you can use job-specific behaviorally-based selection guidelines.

Fits Easily Into Your Existing Hiring Procedures

  • The ERI® System improves hiring process efficiency and accuracy by systematically focusing on seven specific areas of work behavior skills
  • Provides structured follow-up questions for interviews and reference checks, in each of the seven work behavior skill areas assessed by the System.
  • Answers to these questions help you to accurately assess candidates in an extremely time-efficient manner.

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