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Mechatronics Technician - Form A (Online)

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100 items, Multiple-choice


Mechatronics knowledge and skill

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A 100-item test for use in selecting mechatronics technicians who have knowledge in the content areas listed below.

Online Credits

When you purchase this product, you purchase online test administration credits. These test credits, once purchased, are placed in your online account and do not expire. Each credit can then be assigned to a test-taker for administration of this test via an internet-connected computer.

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Content Areas

Categories tested include:

Hydraulics/Fluid Power
Power Transmission
Predictive Maintenance/Test Instruments
Schematics and Print Reading
Motors and Control
Control Systems and Sensors
Electrical Distribution
Automation and Networking

Sample Reports

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Alternate Versions

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Mechatronics Technician - Form A Paper Test English RR247
Mechatronics Technician - Form A (Online, Scrambled) Online Test English OSC247