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Mobile Equipment Mechanic - Form A3

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Knowledge of mobile equipment maintenance

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This test is designed to test knowledge and skills of mobile equipment mechanics.

This test is also available in Spanish.

Sample Question

What is the proper tool to use for driving a nail?

A. Claw hammer
B. Ballpeen hammer
C. Sledge hammer
D. Rubber mallet

Content Areas

Categories tested include:

Electrical Systems
Pneumatics & Hydraulics
Print Reading
Welding & Rigging
Power Transmission & Lubrication
Pumps & Piping
Mechanical Maintenance
Shop Machines
Tools & Equipment
Internal Combustion Engines

Product Statistics

This data was calculated from a group of applicants for mobile equipment mechanic positions.

Sample Size Mean Score Reliability (KR20) Std. Deviation Std. Error of Measurement
98 35.71 .84 8.57 3.43

O*NET Job Titles

Below are the O*NET job titles that were determined to be applicable to this test during the job analysis. Click the Job Title for more information about tasks performed, tools and technology used, job knowledge areas and abilities required, as well as related job titles.
This assessment is intended for use with jobs that are sufficiently related.

[Automotive Master Mechanics]
Repair automobiles, trucks, buses, and other vehicles. Master mechanics repair virtually any part on the vehicle or specialize in the transmission system.

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Alternate Versions

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Mobile Equipment Mechanic - Form A3 (Online) Online Test English OL45
Mobile Equipment Mechanic - Form A3 (Spanish) Paper Test Spanish RR45-SP

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