Ramsay Corporation

Ramsay Corporation is a privately held human resources company that was established by (Roland) Tom Ramsay in May of 1973. We have served over 4,000 clients, including one-third of Fortune 100 companies. We have provided consulting services in these major human resources areas:


Our selection projects have included content- and criterion-related validation studies of tests, interviews, and in-basket exercises. One area of specialty is the staffing of new or high-technology facilities. We have conducted information sessions at the Board of Directors level concerning the cost benefit and value of selection programs. We have successfully defended our selection procedures in all labor proceedings and litigation.


We have specialized in two areas - training of interviewers and counselors in interviewing and counseling skills and training test administrators and managers in test administration and use. Such training activities have been conducted in manufacturing organizations, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. Included in our services are test scanning or scoring services.


Our compensation projects have involved development of compensation systems through job analysis and application of evaluation principles. Nearly one-half of our tests are developed for use in pay-for-knowledge or pay-for-skills programs.


We have developed diagnostic and selection tests and performance assignments for operators, technicians, and maintenance groups.  Our assessments have included attitudes, knowledge, management skills, and team membership qualities.  We have measured basic skills for entire staffs of manufacturing facilities.

Expert Testimony

Ramsay Corporation has provided consulting expertise in legal and quasi-legal settings in more than 30 instances, serving both plaintiffs and defendants. In one instance our assistance helped a client company receive more than $60,000 in attorneys' and witness fees paid by plaintiffs (EEOC & Helen Sierra v. Datapoint Corporation). We have supplied consultation and expert witness services in many human resources areas.

Program Implementation

In program implementation we have written manuals, designed training modules, devised policies, and instituted procedures and controls for new programs or developments. We have conducted programs to ensure quality and competency in delivery of services and products.