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Controls Technician - Form A

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Assesses:Knowledge of control systems
Skill Level:Journey-level
Test Format:60 Items , Multiple-choice


This test can be used to evaluate candidates’ understanding of operation of controls systems. Organizations use the test for skills gap analysis, diagnosis, or training needs analysis. The Controls Technician Test will measure the knowledge of a candidate entering a position where they may be responsible for handling the day-to-day issues or long-term maintenance of PLCs and control systems.


Content Areas

Categories tested include:

– Schematics and Logic Reading– Sensors and Feedback– Motors and Drives
– Power Supplies and Distribution– PLC, DCS, and Networking– Basic Automation
– Process Control and Instrumentation

Sample Question

What is the purpose of the "Watchdog Timer" feature of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)?

  1. Sense a CPU failure
  2. Check timer accuracy
  3. Record time in operation
  4. Display maintenance times

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Controls Technician - Form A
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