MultiCraft Aptitude Test - Form A5 (Online)

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Assesses:Mechanical and Electrical Aptitude
Skill Level:Apprentice
Test Format:40 Items , Multiple-choice
Time Limit:24 minutes


The MultiCraft Aptitude Test (Mechanical & Electrical) is the answer for companies selecting multi-craft apprentices or trainees. The 24-minute test consists of 40 questions relating to mechanical and electrical aptitude and is designed to measure the ability to learn and perform mechanical and electrical production and maintenance job activities.

This test includes questions in the following categories:

Mechanical Concepts:

  • Household Objects
  • Work (Production and Maintenance)
  • School (Science and Physics)
  • Hand and Power Tools

Electrical Concepts:

  • Electrical Mathematics
  • Process Flow
  • Signal Flow
  • Electrical Sequences

In a criterion-related validation study conducted of post-secondary technical school students, the Multi-Craft Aptitude Test was found to be significantly correlated with scores on a test of multi-craft job knowledge and with student's grade point average (GPA).

MultiCraft Aptitude Test - Form A5 (Online)

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